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Have you ever heard of “real people” casting? It’s pretty cool. There are some companies that have ‘real people’ in their files for commercial photo and video shoots. They specialize in providing talent for both still and video instead of a company hiring models. It’s a more economical way to hire talent as well as having a larger pool to cast your net.

Matt, the boys and I have been with Blackwell Files for a few years now. We’ve had a few jobs here and there, the boys have even had some jobs together. But a chunk of months back, the boys and I were hired for a job with Enjoy Technologies. We had no idea what it was going to be when we showed up. When we arrived, we found out that we were going to pretend to have just purchased a GoPro and an Enjoy specialist was going to come over to our “home” and show us how to use it. This is a free service that comes with the purchase of whatever you buy via the Enjoy website. SUCH a cool concept.

We were at a house where we were staged in the backyard with a couch and a trampoline. We were basically told to just go with the concept and ask as many questions as we wanted and to have FUN! It was a great experience and so much fun to be on a shoot with my boys. Jeff was our specialist. He was so nice and helpful and honestly, we treated it just like it was really our GoPro because we wanted to learn more about how it worked for the one we owned at home. I happened to think about it today and wondered if they ever did anything with the footage. We came home from a soccer game, found the website online and oh my gosh! It was so fun to see ourselves on their website.

It’s such a cool concept and if we are in the market for any of the products they carry, you can be sure that we’ll be purchasing through their site. There are two videos that we’re in and a couple of still shots on the site. The main video has some little snippets of us and then the page for ‘GoPro’ has a longer video featuring the three of us. Here’s a link to the GoPro video. When the page launches, just scroll down to the movie, take a look and check it out!!






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