Friday Inspiration – Harbin Ice Festival in China

Matt just sent a link to this photograph from the Harbin Ice Festival and I think it’s AMAZING. So amazing that I had to immediately google the festival to find more images to view.

I happily stumbled across a blog, “lifeisreallybeautiful”, that had some great photo’s that may be from the original Reuter’s article or not, I can’t quite tell.

The city is located just below Siberia and is COLD. Temperatures average -2°. This year temperatures have dropped to -34°. Oh my gosh cold!! The festival just opened a couple of days ago on the 5th and will run for one month. I think I could suffer through the cold to add this to my list of “must see” places in my lifetime. I think. The lights in the ice are just spectacular. Matt, are you up for it?

The blog also linked to a video from Youtube that I have to share. The link was for the first video and is from a few years ago, but it gets the point across. It’s a fast pace look at the entire festival. I got a little motion sickness 2/3’s of the way through but I think I saw a woman standing near a sculpture with a deer on a leash. Yes, a deer. The second video is from this year. Not quite as exciting but current!

Enjoy and Happy Friday!

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