Friday Inspiration – Fun With Vegetables by Ju Duoqi

Well, another week has gone and snuck by me. I’m really not sure how it happens. I have my eyes open, I’m doing my daily tasks and then, poof! 7 more days have passed. So, to end the week on a light note, I’m going to share an artist that has a unique relationship with vegetables.

I think, more than her work, which is interesting to say the least, I love what she has to say about herself. 
 As a Chinese woman in this internet age, what I present to people is this kind of world famous painting. Against that fiery fried-egg backdrop, this woman who emanates onion smells from her breast and carries a spring onion spear in her left hand and a wood ear flag in her right, draped in a tofu skin robe, leads the vegetable people forward.”

You actually need to read her entire artist statement which you can do if you click HERE. I can just imagine watching her in front of a vegetable stand. Looking, touching, imagining. Thinking about what masterpieces she can recreate using vegetables that have come from the earth. 

She has two bodies of work shown through this gallery site. One entitled “The Vegetable Museum” and the other, “The Fantasies of Chinese Cabbage“. I’m posting some images from both series. It becomes so light hearted and humorous, especially after reading her thoughts about her creations. 

It always amazes me to think about people like Ju Duoqi. To think about how unique their view of the world must be. That they have found such a passion for doing something so unconventional that it replaces all of the mundane things that I do with my day. I often wish that I had that kind of vision, that kind of passion for one artistic expression that would consume me and fill my days. (Did you ever see the video about Ben Willson, the man who paints discarded gum throughout the streets of London? He’s another artist that seems to be called to do something unique. But that may be a post for another Friday.)

Again, we can all thank Matt for this post. I think my title should switch from “Friday Inspiration” to “Matt’s Friday Inspiration”. He always seems to find the most amazing things. Thanks a million to my husband! He’s the BEST.

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