Miles Is 4


You turned 4. Despite my best efforts to keep you 3, you’ve gone and grown, and turned 4. You’re such a cool kid, and as I look forward to what four may bring, I have to look back at three and remember the things I don’t want to forget.

When you were three and someone asked you how old you were, you held up three fingers. Not the normal three fingers that most everyone else holds up. You would extend your index finger, your middle finger and your pinky with your ring finger held down by your thumb. Yup, number three was with your pinky, not the ring finger. It was super cool. I think I’ll hold up those three fingers for the number three from now on.

When you were three, you sucked your thumb. Not that I believe you’ll never have sucked your thumb at four, because I’m sure some of the times that I’ll find you hiding under your “me” you may be doing just that. But, I’ll miss that you sucked it while sitting on the couch early in the morning or before bed or when you’re just plain exhausted at the end of a long day and you would curl up in your “me” and pass out, sucking your thumb. Sucking your thumb meant you were small, little, too little to be a “big boy”. But, now that you’re 4 and you’ve given that up, I guess I have to come to grips with that fact. You really are a “big boy”.

When you were three, you called “gloves”, “glubs”. It’s the best. You haven’t given that one up yet but I can’t imagine it’s going to last too much longer with your big brother always asking, “why does Miles say “glubs” instead of gloves”?!” just after you say it. Every time.

When you were three, you were totally into super hero’s. I don’t think that’s changing anytime soon. I’m not sure when you’ll grow out of that, if ever. You love to dress up as Spider Man, Iron Man, Batman, Superman. You would love to be The Hulk but we don’t have one of those costumes. I guess I could paint you green one day. You would probably love that. You love to battle with swords and lightsabers. Battling in any form is another one of your favorite things to do.

When you were three, you LOVED Hot Wheels cars. We have a ton of cars, you can’t seem to have too many. You just love them. All of them. You know which one’s are yours, which one’s are your brother’s. When we were in Michigan you even knew which one’s were Nana’s and Papa’s. You have heats between the cars on your 4-lane raceway. We race cars on the driveway and in the great room. You love to race them on tracks. I think I could safely say that cars are your favorite toy.

When you were three, you would stroke my face and say “mama, mama”. You would pet me and tell me that you love me. I asked you the other day if when you were four, you were going to stop doing that. You told me that you would never stop. That you would do it until you were 100. I hope that’s true.

You are one of the most patient people I know. Even at this young age. You can sit and wait for hours if needed. It’s pretty amazing. You’re content to hang out with me, no matter where I am. Watching your brother practice Tae Kwon Do, hanging out while I buy a new phone, working in Mason’s classroom. You just hang out. You don’t cause trouble, you don’t complain, you don’t whine that you want to go home. Well, every once in a while you do that but it’s usually when you’re either not feeling well or really tired. I hope that’s not just a quality of three but something you carry with you all of your life.

At three you loved music, to wrestle and your “me”. You loved being outside, riding your tricycle and playing soccer. You loved reading books, playing cars and watching movies, taking showers, having your face painted and getting filthy when camping. You had your first day of school. You went water skiing for the first time and went sailing with daddy. You wanted to be a Treasure Hunter when you grow up. You, at three, was awesome. Oh, and you love to say “awesome.” So, as sad as I am to let go of three and all of the cool things that we experienced together, I’m excited to see what four is all about.

I love you Miles. And as you tell me, I love you all the way to God’s head, and back again.

Here are some of my favorite shots that daddy and I took of you over the last year.

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