Friday Inspiration – Blackle

I love my husband. There are too many reasons to list so I’ll share the one that sparked this post. I love my husband because he knows that I’m not a news reader. I don’t like watching the news or reading too much of it because it always seems to circulate around death and destruction. Who’s doing something terrible or what disaster just struck the life of some person somewhere.

The downfall to not paying attention to what’s happening in the world is missing some of the good stuff. The interesting or cool things that are shaping and changing our world. Because Matt knows that this is a by-product of my tunnel vision, he sends me things he thinks I would be interested in. Things that I should be aware of, things that I would want to know. Thank goodness for Matt!!!

Here’s one of the latest things he sent. I thought I would share.


Does the black screen really put out less energy? I’m not sure if I really care about the answer because I like the thought of the black screen being a reminder. A reminder to use less energy and be more conscious of our environment. I’ve been unplugging more things around the house that are plugged in but not on. Doing a small bit to try to conserve more than I have in the past.

What are you doing?? I would love to know. Maybe it’s something that I should be doing too!

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