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Sometimes I feel myself sinking into myself. Hearing that voice that says I’m not doing as much as I should be. But, lately, I’ve been able to quiet it, tell it thank you for sharing, now shhhhh. Mainly I can tell it to pipe down because I know I am doing a lot. There are times though that I compare myself to others, I think most of us do that from time to time.

Usually, when I’m busy with life and work, writing is the first thing to go. Writing is a little bit of a treat I give myself. Being able to sit and think and write the thoughts that float through my head on paper or in this case, type them on the keyboard. Having people who regularly read this however, can put a little bit of pressure that can be good at times. Good because it reminds me that it’s a good thing to sit and think and write. It’s not just a selfish act. Other people enjoy and benefit from knowing what’s going on in my world. Other people become inspired by things that inspire me.

I completely missed writing my Friday Inspiration last week even though it was clearly laid out in my mind. Now, today, I’m starting off the week with a bang and sharing this post is just one thing to check off the list.

There seemed to be a number of postings on architecture over the last couple of weeks. I thought I would put my favorites together. These have been shared by Matt and a couple of good friends Via and Ruby. Thanks to you three for sharing these works of art in structural form.

Definitely click on the links to learn more about each one or to see more of others. Be inspired and enjoy!




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