Forget Me Not Design is Going Green!

Happy Earth Day!

I’ve never been one to quickly jump on a band wagon. I’m not someone who is easily persuaded to do anything. I often argue when trying to be coerced or even invited to do something that I’m not familiar with but I always try to have an open mind, because I do know that I don’t know everything!

Earth Day has been around for quite sometime. I can remember going to a festival now and again with friends. Friends who always seemed far more “earth” aware than me. People who had compost buckets under their sinks and never used a ziplock baggie to save their life. Or, if they did, washed them out to be reused. Eeeewwww was what I used to think about those things.

Now, at any time in my kitchen you can find baggies turned inside out on the drying rack and if I had a garden you can bet I would have a compost bucket. Oh how we grow and change with awareness.

In honor and celebration of today, EARTH DAY, I thought I would share a project that I’ve been working on for quite some time. This is the self promotion piece that I’ve mentioned here and there on the net. I had the pleasure of working with both Matt and Garrett of GB Photographers and Jasmine Star of Jasmine-Star.com. Their images are stunning and fit beautifully with the idea of putting together a mini album focused on love as a promotional piece for Forget Me Not Design. Leila of Be Inspired PR, my new publicist, was an essential part of this project and I thank all of them for their support and participation with the book.

Why do I mention all of this today? On Earth Day? Because I’m so happy to be part of the green movement with this album. I partnered with Couture Book which launched a new “green” line of albums last year. I’ve been so anxious to use these books and am thrilled to finally do so. The books printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper and the production process is powered by green-e certified windpower. How cool is that?! And the best part is that trees are planted with a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book. LOVE IT!!!

So, turn off a light, open a window instead of turning on the AC, walk or ride a bike instead of drive. If we all do something, change is inevitable.

To see the full slideshow of the book layout click HERE.
Otherwise, enjoy these highlights!

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