First Day of Second Grade

We’re here! Back to the routine of school. Summer just seemed to fly by. So many things happened and now, here we are, the first day of 2nd Grade. I’m fluctuating between excited and sad. I think Mason is feeling the same way. This is my child who wakes up at the crack of dawn every day. Especially when excited. He’s up, dressed and ready to go. In fact, he was so excited our first night in Michigan that he woke up at 5am. MICHIGAN time!! 2am CA time and he didn’t go back to sleep!!

We bought sushi for lunch and talked over dinner about what he was looking forward to and what he was nervous about. We went to bed last night laying out his clothes for today and I figured he would be up, early as usual, ready to go bright and early.

Not the case.

He was still sleeping at 7:15 and Matt and I had to wake him up! Really?! Turns out, he’s not excited for school to start. Hmmm….I can’t really blame him. No more lounging around in pj’s all morning/day. Going to the pool in the afternoon, playing soccer in the backyard or building lego’s before bedtime. I can see the reason for not being super excited. I have my own reasons though. Making sure that everyone is up and dressed, teeth and hair brushed, breakfast eaten and out the door on time. Oh, and don’t let me forget the thing I despise the most, packing a lunch everyday!


Today, the house is quieter than normal. Miles is here, wanting to play and work is waiting to be done. I’m off to adjust to the new routine. Wish me luck!

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