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Life Lines

Matt and I had the pleasure of attending a party yesterday in the Los Altos Hills. It was at the home of the couple GB Photographers recently photographed the wedding of in Maui. It was a beautiful day and their home was exquisite. There were 80 beautiful cars on the property that ranged the decades.

I’ll post some photographs Matt took of the cars and details of the cars later but I had to share the portrait I shot of one of the car owners. This woman was the female half to one of the cutest couples I’ve ever seen. They owned a yellow #4 classic old time roadster that I believe I was told he still races. They were absolutely adorable and I couldn’t help but want to photograph them.

Her portrait speaks to me on so many levels but the one that resonates deeply is her absolute beauty. For me, her beauty stems from her confidence and her joy. I hope that as I age I am able to hold myself with as much confidence and grace as she.

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Maria Joanne Baptiste Goldsmith 9/9/1934–6/21/2011

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