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Denise and Dustin

Dustin and Denise met on the playa six years ago. In Denise’s words, “they were both taking a breather from dancing, sitting down to the side of the old Boom Box, when their respective friends’ decision to start dancing together, and the stunning performance of Black Rock City’s finest hula hooper prompted these heretofore strangers to start talking.”

They made plans to spend the next night together but the playa being what it is and having a mind of it’s own, their paths did not cross for the duration of the festival. Dustin, not even knowing Denise’s name, searched effortlessly for days trying to find her. Upon returning to the real world, he was prompted by friends to post a “missed connection” ad on Craigslist.org.

Now, have you ever in your life checked out those ads? or any ads like that? Thinking that maybe some stranger was looking for you? That some glance through the window of a coffee shop by a passerby was more than just a glance? That perhaps a spark was created when your arm brushed someone a little too close? Well, if you have, you know that the chance of the person being sought actually seeing that post and responding, is slim to none. BUT, one of my friends, who knew Denise, did see that post. Here is what it read:

Cole Valley masseuse I met at the Boom Box last Wed. at BM – m4w – 27

We met sitting down by the Boom Box as our friends danced. We talked for what seemed like forever. I was wearing some ridiculous furry thing and I think you had pink eyelashes. I was supposed to meet you the next day but could never find your camp- 4:40 and Dogma?. You studied Math at Santa Barbara because it was easy, had five jobs, and were just so damned intriguing that I can’t give up yet.

An email response from Denise and a phone call back from Dustin and now, 6 years later, Matt and I had the opportunity to photograph their wedding. This is a love story in the truest sense.

Originally, Matt and I were going to attend the wedding with our cameras in hand as guests who happened to be photographers. Denise had asked if I would photograph her getting ready, which I of course said yes to, and then we would just take some shots here and there, if and when inspired. But, things changed a couple of weeks before the wedding.

The main photographer, Julio Duffoo who was the photographer at our own wedding, days earlier became a father to a beautiful baby girl and therefore, couldn’t attend the wedding. It was a weekend affair in the mountains of Shasta, CA at a beautiful little resort of sorts, Mount Shasta Weddings. Denise called and asked if Matt and I would fill in and photograph the wedding. This was the first wedding that we would photograph as a team and I have to say, we had a blast. It was a little tough having the boys with us but thankfully we were surrounded by friends who helped watch them while we worked. (Thanks again to all of the extra eyes on our boys, especially Maya and Shaun!)

There were around 80 people in attendance so we had an opportunity to photograph just about everyone and the wedding had a “steampunk” theme so it was fun to see and photograph the guests who wore clothes in that style. We spent three days and two nights at the location and I have to say, Saturday night at the reception, was one of the best nights I’ve had in a LONG time. Matt and I had finished shooting, the boys were in the cabin watching a movie and we danced under the stars to the best music with our friends and Matt and I had a night with each other reminiscent to when we were first dating.

Denise and Dustin, thank you for asking us to photograph your wedding. It was a weekend filled with laughter and love. I had the best time working along side my husband so I thank you for providing the space for that to happen.

Congratulations on your marriage and I wish you both a lifetime of happiness and beyond!

Here are some favorites from the weekend. If you want to see more, you can click on the link below for the slideshow.

Denise and Dustin Slideshow

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