Celebrating Life

Today is my mom’s birthday. 090909. It’s also my niece Raina that was here for a visit not too long ago. September is also the birthday month for my father-in-law, two of my sister-in-laws, one of my best friends daughters, some other good friends and my own. WOW! I guess people really do try to stay warm and huddle close in the winter!

Well, with all of those birthdays this month, it’s hard not to celebrate life. To remember that we’re all here on this planet with a gift to give. We all have a unique perspective to share, a vision to follow and a voice to be heard.

But, today, I have to give a special birthday wish to my mother. She’s living life while fighting breast cancer and she is an inspiration in so many ways. We all take things from our parents, ways to be, ways not to be and I do believe we’re better people in the end from all of those things. I know that my sister and I are better women in the world, better mothers because of the lessons we’ve learned from our mother.

One of the biggest things my sister and I have because of our mom is laughter and the ability to laugh at life. Because of this, we compiled the “wig” photographs and had a canvas made. It’s awesome. We gifted my mom with it while she was here a couple of weeks ago so today I can share it with the internet, in all of it’s glory. For those of you who know our family and are wondering who the woman in the lower right corner is, that’s Jeanne. She lives in AZ and helps my mom in times of need and is basically the third daughter my mother never had. Diana and I thank God for Jeanne every day. She’s truly been a blessing and deserved to be included in the photo. We love you Jeanne!

Happy birthday mom!!!! Here’s a picture of the canvas that Mason shot. It just makes me smile every time I look at it!!

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