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Friday Inspiration – Paper Trees

A while back my friend Christine sent me a link to a piece of art. It was a simple creation that was anything but simple in it’s execution. It was a toilet paper roll. That’s all it was. A toilet paper roll that had been intricately cut so that a tree was sticking out from the rest of the paper tube. Simple, brilliant, beautiful.

I always love this type of art. The type that takes thought and detail to become. Now, months later, Matt sent a link to this same artist. This artist has not only had mastered the art of creating beautiful paper trees but now has created art from something as ordinary and greasy as a McDonald’s Happy Meal bag. He doesn’t always work with cutting up paper but these pieces of his are by far my favorite. The New York TImes piece is amazing and I love the Giving Tree piece as well.

His name is Yuken Teruya and I hope you find inspiration from these beautiful creations.



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