Cathy’s Sassy Sauce

I met Cathy a while back through my Ladies Who Launch group here in Marin, CA. She can often be seen in bright bold colors, hot pink is an absolute. She looks you right in the eye when she’s talking to you and listens right back. But best of all she IS sassy. No doubt about it.

Her goal from joining Ladies Who Launch was to start a business she had been thinking about for some time. The making and distributing of “Cathy’s Sassy Sauce”. It’s a grilling sauce that you use on ribs and she’s been serving it up at the tail gate parties of the 49’r football games for years. This is one of those stories where people have been telling her forever that she should market the sauce. She took their prodding to heart and is on her way.

When I met her, she was in need of a logo/brand and after talking for a bit she hired me to be the designer for the job. One of the first things I told her I had to do, was taste the sauce. I didn’t want to start designing for a food product I hadn’t sampled. I mean, what did “sassy” really taste like? I had to know.

She dropped off a jar of the sauce which is chunky and a deep rich orange in color filled with spices and butter and yummy things. Matt and I promptly grilled some ribs that night and tasted for ourselves. I wasn’t sure how the boys were going to react. They can be picky about “sauce”, especially Mason. Miles has a deeper taste range and can eat things on the spicy side but not Mason. So, we grilled and served and this is what I wrote to Cathy that very night:

“We just got done licking every last drop of sauce from our fingers after swirling them around on our plates to make sure that we didn’t leave any to be carelessly washed down the drain!
It’s delicious. Even the boys, who are about as picky as you can get loved it.”

There you have it, the sauce is AMAZING! She’s in the throws of production right now. Trying to have a kitchen batch process a sauce is a delicate and difficult process. I was hoping to wait to blog when the jars were labeled and available but I couldn’t wait any longer to share the logo design. I just love how it turned out and she’s absolutely thrilled.

When developing the logo we started with an apron and grilling tools and over time and conversations to get a feel for who Cathy truly is, we landed in a completely different place. I found out that there was the possibility of other food products to be offered which changed my thoughts on the logo. I wanted to allow the logo to be versatile so that we could change the word “sauce” to something else that she might offer. I think it turned out successful. Here’s the logo for “Cathy’s Sassy Sauce”.

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