37 Years Young

37 years ago a baby was born. New and fresh and a wonder to the hands that held him so tightly. He grew and changed, became a person in the world with desires and tastes and opinions. That boy grew into a young man who happened to cross my path. As we walked along that path it meandered side by side, sometimes close together and sometimes farther apart but always parallel. Now that path has become a helix strand of it’s own unique DNA. It intertwines and follows itself around and around and around.

Matt, I am fascinated by you. By watching you just be, who you are. You are kind and loving, respectful and humorous. YOU, are the whole package. I know it, my family knows it, my friends know it. It’s almost as if you twinkle. That there is a light inside of you so special and unique that you sparkle. To be the lucky woman who is allowed to experience you each day, to have had two amazing boys with you, to experience this life with you, leaves me awe struck.

When I think about the time we’ve been together it seems like so much and so little all at the same time. Maybe that’s part of the whole Einstein theory about relativity and how time is folded on top of itself. It feels folded when I think about things like my children, my childhood, being with you.

Recently I was inspired by the documentary on Sally Mann. The way she captured the spirit of her children on film. How artistic the images were. Not just photographs but stories that bring you so deep into each one. I wanted to capture our children in that way for you for your birthday. I envisioned taking their pictures individually, without you there, but I should have known. I should have known that of course you would be there. You and I create such beautiful things together that of course you would need to be a part of those photographs. I absolutely love what spontaneously happened last weekend and am grateful to have captured it on film. The love between you and our boys. The love they feel for you and me behind the lens taking the picture. We are all there, together.

Happy birthday my love.

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