One of my closest friends, Christine, gave birth 5 weeks ago. I posted a few photographs that I took of her in her final weeks of pregnancy not long ago. She’s married to Matt’s music partner Brian and I’m not sure if two people could be more perfect for each other. They even kind of look similar. It’s the dark hair Italian thing I know, but it’s pretty cute.

Addison, their new addition, is absolutely adorable. He was in complete baby form when they were over. Cooing and making those little infant sounds that make you squish your shoulders up to your ears, wiggle your body and make the same sounds right back.

It was a short visit and gray and drizzly outside so there wasn’t a ton of opportunities for photographing the little muffin, but we have a beautiful spot in our great room where all you have to do is stand or sit near the sliding glass doors and shoot away. The love between Christine and Addison in that light was a gift to see and to photograph. I loved capturing her just in awe of him. Looking at his little face and touching his skin. To see Addison’s little hand inside of Brian’s. So precious.

I hope that I can have some time with them again. With all of four of them. (Her daughter Cypress was busy playing with Mason so I’m thinking a scheduled shoot of the family is next on the agenda.) For now, I’m happy to have captured this moment in time.

He’ll only be 5 weeks old once! And here he is…..Addison.






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