Traditional And Modern Are Wed

Sometimes you meet a couple that needs more than a traditional matted album but isn’t quite the right fit for a modern magazine style book. Leather Craftsmen has a solution. Their 700, 7500, 800 and 8500 series albums combine these two styles beautifully.

When building an album like this you have your prints made from the lab of your choice and send them to L/C to be bound. I’m in the process of building a 700 series album for a couple in Ireland. Matt and Garrett shot their wedding and the images were just stunning. GB sent thier images to Dickerman Prints after doing their post production work to perfect the images. What they deliver to a client is so beyond what most people do. Matt and Garrett truly go about their work with an incredible level of care and want only to deliver the best quality to the people they work with.

For me, the most exciting part of building this album so far was seeing the sheets of prints that arrived at the end of last week. Matt brought them home over the weekend for me to see. I was so excited by the pages. Matt had ganged the photographs to be printed on large 18 x 30 sheets and when he unrolled them I think I actually gasped. It was so cool to see the images so large and beautiful. I immediately emailed the bride and groom to let them know what we were looking at. I can’t wait to turn these prints over to Leather Craftsmen to be bound into the album.

As luck would have it, Ira the CA rep for L/C was in town today and met with us at Matt and Garrett’s new space in San Rafael, which is amazing by the way, and brought a bunch of albums to show. Raised in Brooklyn, and for me that’s an ace in the hole because that’s where my father was from, I feel right at home with his thick NY accent. But, and here’s the best part about Ira, he’s the sweetest and most considerate New Yorker I’ve ever met. Some from NY might not take that as a compliment but I’m pretty sure it will make Ira smile.

A few of the albums he showed us were from these new series of books. The blend of traditional matts and modern magazine is just stunning. I can’t wait to see the finished product and will be sure to share photographs of the book as soon as I can.

I feel so fortunate to be doing something I love. It felt like a long road to get here, one that seemed windy and full of hair pin turns. I didn’t know if I would ever find something that excited me on a daily basis but finding this, designing albums for wonderful people, has given me a new outlook on the world and on business.

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