A Sweet Album For A Sweet Bride

I promised an update on the albums I’ve been producing over the last few months and I’m finally starting.

April contacted me back in August of last year. She found me through Project Wedding and was eager to get started. She had a bunch of questions for me to answer and once she settled on the book she wanted, a leather bound, 10×10 album, we went to work. She provided me with her top 25 images, maybe a few more and sent me on my way to design a first round layout of her book.

She absolutely loved the layout so much that she asked me to expand the album to include a few more pictures that she had to have. Once those images were placed, I sent her the slideshow to round two and that was that! She loved it.

There were the last decisions to make about the cover material, cover photo and text, and then off to print. It was a fast turnaround. 2 months from start to finish which is pretty quick considering it takes anywhere from 3-5 weeks for the actual book to be printed and bound.

Thank you April for your business. You were a wonderful bride to work with.

I do have to give a big shout out to Leather Craftsmen, once again, for turning out an absolutely stunning book. The quality really is exquisite. I can remember, when first thinking about starting this business, I was talking with a friend and told him that I didn’t want to produce albums if the quality of the books wasn’t extraordinary. Leather Craftsmen was the answer to my search and they’ve never let me down. I do use other vendors, all of which I’m happy with, but there’s something special about one of Leather Craftsmen’s books. Definitely something special.

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