40 Stones For Her 40th Birthday

My friend Ericka turned 40 this past year. A couple of weeks before her birthday, she sent out an email to her friends saying that she was creating a garden and that for her birthday she would love for people to somehow join in on its creation. She and her husband worked with a designer to create a backyard spiral mound for herbs, flowers and garden elements that people could come and contribute to if they wanted.

Matt and I thought about what we would want to contribute and came up with an idea of creating 40 stones with 40 words that we thought described Ericka. It was a fun project that allowed me to get creative and use my hands. I loved using the metallic pens and coming up with designs for each rock that worked together and somehow fit the word if possible.

We bought a nest at Michael’s craft store with some green “grass” to lay under the stones. I used Thin and thick tipped metallic pens in gold and silver with black as the accent. The thin pens definitely worked best. After the stones were finished we sprayed the lot with a fixative to help protect them from the weather if she did in fact place them in the garden.

Here the are…40 stones with 40 words…

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