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YHWH and My Birthday

I turned 39 on Tuesday. Yes, 39. One last year to remain in the thirties which have been the best decade ever.

Over these last nine years I’ve met and married the man of my dreams, had two of the most wonderful children, started a business that I love and much much more. Not bad for an almost decade of life. It’s amazing how full life is the older I become. I didn’t do much to celebrate this year which was difficult for Mason to understand. When he knew it was my birthday he got really excited thinking about what we would do. Have a party, go somewhere, and when I told him no, nothing like that was happening, he couldn’t understand. He said, “don’t you want to have a party for your birthday or go bowling or something?”.

The teacher at Miles “Mommy and Me” class was so sweet and lit a candle in the center of a pretzel for me to make my one birthday wish for the day, thanks Susan, and one of my close friends was in cahoots with Matt and surprised me by coming over with her family, bringing dinner which was incredibly thoughtful and sweet. Thanks Christine! But, aside from that, not too much out of the ordinary occurred.

I did have a few presents to open from the boys and Matt which was the highlight of not only my day but for Mason and Miles as well. Sharing my gift from Matt may alter the way you perceive me but I hope it only helps you understand me. I’m sure some people, Diana this refers to you, will have no idea why I would ever love something like this so much. Then, there are the friends who will not only understand my appreciation for this gift but may in fact love it as much as I do.

I should begin by explaining that one of my favorite modern artists is Mark Ryden. I absolutely love his work. Some of it could be a bit disturbing for children to see so I would suggest checking it out when the kids aren’t around first. He’s a painter but so much more. One of the things I love most about his expression of art is the intricate details that not only are a part of his paintings but are part of his presentation. When displaying his paintings they are usually framed in ornate, beautiful frames that are art themselves. He has themes that run through his paintings that are odd to say the least. These themes are bumble bees, Abraham Lincoln, Jesus, figures with faces that are reminiscent of Christina Ricci and I can’t forget, raw meat. Here are some of my favorites:

Princess Sputnik

The Debutante

The Magic Circus

I have a couple of his books and for Christmas a couple of years ago Matt gave me a his “Blood” cd and mini book as well as a set of 8×10 prints of some of his paintings. I have the prints framed, hanging in the office and love looking at them while working. One of the paintings is called YHWH. It’s better to see it than try to explain it. I will say that every time Miles is in the office with me he points at it and is totally fascinated by it.

Well, a few months ago a release was sent out that he was selling a 16″ figure of YHWH. I immediately wanted one but Matt promptly shot the idea down. Little did I know what he had planned.

When I ripped off the wrapping paper of Matt’s gift, I knew exactly what it was. I couldn’t believe it and was so excited. The box alone is an incredible piece of art. Funny and beautiful all wrapped up in one. Ryden has such a funny personality that shines through in every detail. My dining table isn’t the best for product photography but I think it does the trick. I took photo’s of all sides of the box, be sure to read the text, it’s pretty funny.

I just love the uniqueness of this piece. I imagine it on it’s very own pedestal someday with a light shining just for it. The instructions say to set it on a coffee table and observe for .25 hours. Mason keeps asking when we’re going to do that. I think he thinks something magical may happen. I think I should set the time aside this weekend. Who knows, maybe he’s right!

Here is YHWH. Thanks Matt for this awesome gift. I absolutely LOVE it.

P.S. My sister told me she’s done buying me presents. She’s going to stick to cards from now on. If THIS is what I love, she thinks she’s safer not even trying to figure me out. We’re different, what can I say?!
















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