Wrapping Up 2012 & The Start of 2013

I have a bunch of photo shoots, albums that I’ve designed and holistic healing practices that I want to share over the next few months. I’m also going to be working with Matt over the next few weeks to concentrate some of my time on GB Photographers to freshen up the look and feel and hopefully book a few more weddings this year. More on all of that to come!

To start the year off I thought I would highlight some of my favorite personal images from 2012. Sort of do a wrap up so that I feel like I’m starting fresh. I’m ignoring the fact that we’re more than half way through January. Shhhhhh…..

Here we go….

We took a trip to Tahoe to visit friends. This was at the end of 2010 and the beginning of 2011. It seems really far away in my memory but looking at my boys it’s hard to believe how much time has passed in one short year.


Mason rode a chair lift by himself for the first time. So proud of himself and we were proud too.


How can Miles look so young and so grown up within a matter of moments!


On the 17th, Miles turned 5. One whole hand. It’s hard to believe that tomorrow he’ll be 6!


He had a roller skating party. So much fun!


Mason decided to make origami for each of his classmates for Valentine’s Day last year. It was quite a project. We mapped out that he had to make 3 a day for 7 days and he did it!

Miles made super cute “bookworms” from his finger print and wrote his name on all 30 of his bookmarks.

We took a trip to LA and spent some time with my sister and her family over Spring Break.

And a trip to Legoland for Mason’s 8th birthday.

And a visit with some old friends…

I  played around with the camera…


Matt turned 40!

We spent some time in the sand for Mother’s Day.

Miles graduated from Preschool!

And Mason started to develop his own style…

We went to Michigan for the 4th of July.

We hosted two soccer coaches from the UK. Ruaidhri and Daniel.

They couldn’t help themselves being so close to San Francisco…

Matt and I celebrated 10 years together married.

Miles spent some final days of summer with his best friend.

Just when we thought our soccer coach hosting days were over, Kate came and stayed with us for two months.

We took her all over northern California.

And the boys started school in the meantime.

We went to Salt Point for an amazing camping trip.

And played with light and the camera at night.

Before she left, we took Kate up to the top of Mount Tam.

And said our final farewells.

Miles had an epic soccer season. Undefeated!

Mason decided it was time to cut his hair.



My sister turned 50 and threw a 60’s themed party that was definitely the party of the year.

And yes….we partied with Bob Eubanks!

And to wrap up the year, we took a trip to Michigan for Christmas. 27 people under one roof and loads of love to go around. 15 cousins, all under 10! It was awesome.

One of the youngest and one of the oldest…

A tender moment of thanks with Papa.

Matt and I collaborated on the logo design of the guitar that Paul had made for their father by his friend Travis.  Matt’s dad is a guitar collector and this was his “dream” guitar. It was a very special moment when they strummed his hands along the strings.

And what winter trip wouldn’t be complete without sledding in the backyard.

A handful of the cousins that had an epic snowball fight.

And us. It is with the fondest memories that I say goodbye to 2012. 2013…I’m ready for you!


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