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About a week or so ago, Mason told me that he wanted to be in charge of a project. He wanted to be the leader for the family on some “thing”. He wasn’t sure what and was open to suggestions but was very clear that he wanted to be IN CHARGE. The other thing he was clear about is that he wanted to execute this project on May 1st. Why May 1st??? I have NO idea.

So Saturday came and I did my best to make his wish happen. We sat down as a family and brainstormed ideas. The idea that he came up with and loved best, was to be in charge of the project of making me a Mother’s Day gift. Unfortunately this wasn’t going to happen on Saturday, May 1st. This was a huge deal to overcome but, once we worked through it, we scheduled Sunday, the 2nd as “the day”.

On Sunday morning I went to church alone so the boys could stay home and do “the project”. When church was over I called home because I was thinking of stopping at a store to pick a couple of things up. Well, before I could finish my sentence Matt chimed in with a resounding NO. No, just come home. Now. Thanks.

I had NO idea what I was walking into. The funny thing is, this isn’t the first time I’ve left them home alone with Matt and this isn’t the first time I’ve come home to this.

I think this is in fact the THIRD time that this has happened.

I have boys. There’s no mistaking it. Emotional boys, but boys to the core.

They are warriors. It’s their favorite thing to pretend to be. I’ve promised them that this summer I will paint them like true warriors. With body paint and NOT markers. There’s still traces of this last paint job all over their bodies. Matt has promised to make sure that they use washable markers next time.

Isn’t it amazing what 2 boys can do in 5 minutes of unsupervised time?!

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