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VOICE 2016 – Image Collection – Still Life

A few months ago I was asked to set some goals for myself as part of my BNI (Business Network International)  chapter. I had to think about what I wanted my short and long-term goals to be and one in particular stood out.

I’ve been a fan of Click Magazine for years. I’ve been a subscriber since they first started printing the magazine and have faithfully read each one when it arrives. I’ve learned about photography gear, photography techniques, photographers around the world and so much more. It’s been a dream of mine to have a photograph published in that magazine and when asked to set goals for myself regarding photography, that was the goal I decided to write down.

I’m a bit in shock and won’t really believe it until I see it…but that goal, that dream, is a reality.

I entered The Voice photo competition a few months ago. There are 14 categories and I submitted a number of images into a variety of them. With a deep breath and all of my fingers and toes crossed, I hit enter with each group submission and let my fate be carried by the digital wind.

Last week I received an email. I’m not sure If I’ve ever been so excited to read an email regarding my photography. The opening word was “Congratulations”…and I knew. One of my images made the collection.

There were 35,000 submissions. YES, 35,000!!! They selected 15 finalists from each of the 14 categories which totals 210 finalists overall. My “Continental Morning” image is a finalist in the Still Life category. My image is included in this year’s Collection which will be displayed in the online gallery, which is comprised of all 211 images that make up the 2016 Voice Collection, at:  www.clickinmoms.com/voice


All images from the collection will also be printed and mounted by Miller’s as part of a Gallery display during Click Away in Seattle in October. At Click Away, the Collection will be honored at the Voice Gallery Reception, hosted by Canon on Friday October 7th, from 8-10pm.

BUT, for me, the biggest prize is this…All Collection images will be published in the September/October 2016 issue of CLICK magazine, which is arriving in mailboxes soon.


Yes, my image will be published in the magazine. The goal I set for myself that at the time seemed like an impossible goal, a goal that I had NO idea how it would happen…is happening!!!! I’m beyond thrilled, excited, humbled. Now I need to figure out how to get to Click Away so that I can be at the reception honoring the finalists of the VOICE 2016.

Keep pushing forward, keep setting goals even if they seem unattainable, keep dreaming. This is the lesson for me. And what a huge lesson it is.

If you’ve had a goal or a dream come true that felt impossible, I would love to hear from you to inspire myself and others to keep pushing us forward.


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