Tide Pools

One of the things I love about having visitors is that we do things we don’t normally do. Things we think about doing and even talk about doing but for some reason we just don’t. I think maybe it’s just easier to be in the routine of life and stepping outside of that familiarity can be hard.

Tide pooling is something we’ve talked about doing for a while. Bolinas isn’t too far, but on a weekend when we look forward to lazy mornings in p.j.’s, getting up and out of the house with a lunch packed seems next to impossible. Somehow, we pulled it off and made the trek on the windy road to the coast. Low tide was at around 9am and we arrived around 10.

The fog couldn’t quite make it’s way to leave so the sky was a beautiful gray. It was pretty cold but the snails and crabs and sea creatures were wonderful to see.

I’ve been loving playing with the 50mm 1.4 lense. Everything drops out of focus so quickly and I just love the blur. Here are some shots from our adventure….

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