The Thomsen’s

I met Alicia through Mason’s school a couple of years ago. Her daughter was in the same class as Mason for kindergarten. She is tall and beautiful and has a wonderfully calm energy about her. It wasn’t much of a surprise when I learned that she’s a yoga instructor. Her energy, posture and all around gentle nature are completely in line with yoga. She’s also a chiropractor and has just recently launched her practice, Whole Body Wellness.

I had been talking with her about yoga and my desire to learn a bit more about it and she agreed to come to my home and give me some yoga instructions in exchange for family portraits. During our yoga session she gently corrected my body posture when needed, explained what I should be feeling in certain positions and guided me through a wonderful experience. She instructs at the new yoga studio in Terra Linda, Embrace Yoga and if you have a chance you should take her class.

Last Friday it was my turn to share in the trade and take pictures of her family. It was a little drizzly outside so our plans to go to the open space near her house had to change but between her home and a walk down the street, we were all set.

I took each person aside for a little private portrait session and everyone was such a great sport about getting a little wet. It wasn’t raining, just drizzling and the light was amazing. I loved watching each persons personality come through. The girls were super cute and enjoyed being in front of the camera. Phillip, Alicia’s husband told me that the experience was a little uncomfortable. Being the focus of attention can definitely be uncomfortable but through our conversations everyone opened up and relaxed.

Alicia and Phillip, I am thrilled to have had the pleasure of photographing your family. You are a sweet bunch and I love that we captured who you are, now, as a family. Happy and in love.








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