The Schultz Family

At the end of last year, just after launching September-Days, Matt received an email from Shannon, the daughter of one of Matt’s parent’s friends asking if he would take their family portraits. Matt, passed her along to me and our dialogue began. She had married a boy she’d known since she was a little girl and moved to San Francisco. They had a little girl, Emmie who is ADORABLE and around 2 years old.

I was excited to photograph them and we chose Chrissy Field for the location because it was near their home and they liked to spend time there as a family. It proved to be an excellent location with a bunch of great spots to shoot, my favorite being one of the boardwalks that had been renovated.

I wish I could tell you all of the details of their story, having met as children and growing up seeing each other once or more a year when their families got together someday. And now, married with a child of their own. I’m dying to put that book together! Imagine having photographs of the two of them together throughout their entire life?! So cool and crazy.

Here are my favorites from our morning together…enjoy!


She reminds me of Little Cindy Loo Hoo here…I mean those eyes? Could they be any bigger??!!

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Friday Inspiration – The Panopticon In Pennine, Lancashire

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