The Routhier Family – San Francisco Family Photographer

I met Kelly years ago in what seems like a former life. I was working for the Old Navy division of Gap Inc. in the Visual Merchandising department as a graphic designer. I started that job in 2000 just after being at Burning Man during a crazy and tumultuous time in my life. Kelly was one of the managers in the Visual department and by the time I made my way to being on her team a few years later, I had settled down quite a bit. I had married Matt and was a young mother to Mason. I was lucky to work a flex schedule so I was in the office three days a week and working from home for the other two and when Mason was a little older, four days in the office and one from home. Life was pretty great and Kelly was an excellent boss. She was always on top of things yet easy-going. She was a boss who I wanted to strive to please. She always had a smile on her face and a solution in her pocket.

I don’t know all of the details of their relationship but I remember when Kelly met Mike. It seemed like it was going to work right from the start. He had seen her at a bar where she was being hit on by someone else and enlisted his help to “save her”. She just glowed from that point on. I remember not being surprised when I heard they were getting married. Now, a few years later, they have two boys and have just moved to Ohio on a new adventure.

Kelly wrote to me asking if I would photograph their family before they left San Francisco. She said that having family photo’s taken had been on her list for some time and she was finally hoping to do it before leaving town, which was in a couple of weeks. I couldn’t say no and was so excited to photograph her and her family. It felt nice to be circling back to a past part of my life in some way. I was really flattered as well by her telling me that she couldn’t think of anyone else she would trust to take her photograph.

Kelly, it was SO much fun to spend time with you and your boys. They’re adorable! I hope Ohio brings much success and happiness for all of you. San Francisco is going to miss you!


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