The Letter To Kindergarten

I’m not sure how everyone else handled getting ready for Kindergarten. I know that we did the typical things, like buy a backpack, and new eco lunch containers. (Gasp if anyone uses plastic ziplocks in their lunch nowadays. 😉 We did the regular things that I think most people do. Miles wasn’t really that excited about going. In fact, I think it’s safe to say he was almost dreading it. I took him to our NAET practitioner a couple of weeks before school started to see about the bloody noses he was having during the night every so often and what came out of it was the realization of just how worked up over going to kindergarten he was. I mean, there we were, in her room and she asked him how he was doing. She checked his organs, (this is the Chinese Medicine portion of the appointment so for those of you not familiar, she touches certain points on the body and muscle tests to see if there is stress on any of the organs.) Well, there was. Stress I mean and it was fear and anxiety. So when we started probing and asking him questions, it turned out that he was really scared about going to school. When I dug deeper I was surprised at what he said. He told me he was really worried that he was going to get beat up. Really. That’s what he said. Oh, and that his best friend Sorcha was going to get beat up too. Oh my gosh! My heart almost broke right there. I wanted to cry and truthfully probably did.

Through the NAET treatment and further conversations we cleared the “fear and anxiety” but what happened a couple of days before school started sealed the deal. He received a letter in the mail. From his new teacher. Now it wasn’t the most personal letter. She didn’t hand write the whole thing, but she did write in his name and said some sweet things. But I think the whole act of receiving a letter in the mail, and one that was so colorful and cute, made a big difference. It got him excited about something that up until that point he had only felt fear.

I documented his opening the letter and Mason reading it to him. It was one of those incredibly sweet moments that I knew I would want on film. It doesn’t happen every day that your baby who’s going off to kindergarten gets a welcome letter from their teacher.


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