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Yay! It feels good to be here, on the other side of the beast of updating my blog! I’m sure that anyone who’s had to update a website or blog understands my pain and if you don’t, lie to me and tell me that you do!

I’m sharing photo’s today from a family that I photographed at the end of last year. Alicia contacted me asking if I was available to photograph their family. Her daughter goes to school with Mason and is so sweet. When Mason was “Star of the Week” a month or so ago this little girl was the only one in the class that actually took the time to write a whole page of reasons why she liked Mason. SO cute!!

Her sister is adorable in her own way. She’s a “tough chick” and I say that with a wink. She’s this super cute little blonde girl with ATTITUDE. I LOVE her.

When they showed up for their photo shoot it couldn’t have been more perfect. One in a super sweet dress with tights and little clicky shoes, the other in jeans, a t-shirt and a little pleather jacket. I mean, come on!

Alicia, I had the best time with you guys. The afternoon light was beautiful and so was your family. And to have you Facebook that the shoot was even better than a tattoo??!! I did the happy dance over here from that comment. 😉

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