The Chiu Family

Last week I photographed the Chiu family. We went to an area just past the Presidio Yacht Club and it was a perfect afternoon. The skies were clear and we had a beautiful view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

They have two boys that are the same ages as my boys and two of our boys share the same name. Their youngest and my oldest are both named Mason. Miles goes to school with “the other Mason” and you can imagine how confusing it may get on play dates!

I asked the boys to bring along some of their favorite things and I’m so glad they did. Mason can be seen most days in his rain boots. Rain or shine! On some of those really hot days he still wears those boots and that just had to be documented. Zachary brought along his Pokemon Cards and I asked him to pull out his favorites. I think it looks like he’s making them levitate. The fact that they say “energy” makes it even better.

I enjoyed getting to know the family better through my lens. It was a fun time of being together and taking photographs of who they are, separately and together.

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