The Benson’s

Back in 2008 I designed an album via FMN Design for a couple whom Matt and Garrett had photographed their wedding. The album, which you can see a few spreads here,  turned out beautiful and was a horizontal layout which I love. Then in 2009 they asked me to take photos of their daughter Mila. She was absolutely adorable. I have a few images from that shoot on the September-Days website. She was just too cute! When I sent out the information about the launch of September-Days I included Sara and Matt. They called me not long after to schedule a shoot because Mila was now three! and had a baby sister Flora. I spent my last Saturday morning with them and had the best time. I showed up at 7:15 am so I was there for the morning routine. Waking up, hanging out for a bit in p.j’s, eating breakfast. I photographed the girls during this time which was so sweet. I love thinking about them being older, looking back at these images. They’ll be able to see and remember their home, their toys, their everyday life. The photo shoot wasn’t about being dressed in the perfect outfit or the girls being on their best behavior. It was about a moment in time, preserved forever through photographs. I thought it would be fun, before I share my favorites of the morning, to post a “then and now” image. Mila’s eyes haven’t changed too much over the years. They’re still as big and beautiful as they were when she was a baby. I’ll post other pictures in the next few days if I don’t get swallowed by pre-holiday chaos and cheer!

For now….

Mila then.



Mila now…


next one

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