Tae Kwon Do

As Mason gets bigger and grows older his needs are changing. Of course. Right? I mean he isn’t going to want me to snuggle up with him and kiss the crook of his neck forever. O.k. you have to wait a minute while I go get a tissue because I know that’s all coming to an end way too soon!

O.K. I’m back. Well, with his needs changing all the time, we’ve started taking him to Tae Kwon Do two days a week. He seems to really enjoy it. Learning discipline and order, how to fall, to kick and punch. Everything a boy seems to love to do anyway, and now he can learn how to do those things properly and with control. Self control!!

His teacher is the uncle of one of his school mates and I can’t tell you how much we LOVE Master Park. He doesn’t hold back telling the boys to quite down, get back in line or stop goofing around and yet he does that while being funny at times and has the boys in fits of laughter. Love him!

Here are a few shots of Mason in his outfit practicing his moves. I know Nana, Papa and Grandma have been waiting to see these. Sorry for the delay! I wish you could hear the “Ay yah” that he says with each move. Would you believe we’re working on his being able to say it louder?!

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