Summer Nights

It’s going to take me a while to edit the 3000 photographs taken over the last 10 days. Being on the lake in Michigan is the best summer vacation ever. Hot days and warm nights, fireflies, loads of cousins for the boys to play with, Nana and Papa, aunts and uncles every where you look. Water skis, a knee board, tubing, wake boarding, sailing, fishing, you name it.

As Mason just said, we would be in the water right now, enjoying any one of the things listed above. But, we’re home, enjoying the things we missed. The boys are busy playing Lego’s and Matt is harvesting greens from the garden.

As I was sorting through images, this one stood out to me in particular. It just made me smile through and through and reminded me so much of being at the lake. This was taken just as the sun was setting behind the trees and the water was as warm as could be.

Cedar Lake…we miss you!




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