Sneak Peak – Mila

With everything going on over this past week I was feeling the urge to crawl into bed and just sleep. O.K. so, having two boys under 5 makes that pretty much impossible but the urge was there none the less!

I had a photo shoot scheduled for Saturday and Matt seemed to think that I should get out in the world and do something creative. Be around a baby and forget about sickness and cancer for a moment. He was right! It was so nice to drive to the city and see Sara, Matt and Mila who is 11 months old. I put Sara and Matt’s wedding album together not too long ago and they are just kind, gentle people. They made the two hours I spent with them enjoyable and easy. Mila was amazing and didn’t cry or fuss one bit. She’s adorable! which makes picture taking so much easier too.

Here’s a sneak peak of a couple of shots. I’ll post more in the week or so to come.

I also want to thank everyone who has been sending love and support for myself, my family and my mom. It’s crazy but we’re still waiting for information that should hopefully come tomorrow so that we know more about how to move forward. Everyones thoughts and prayers have filled my heart and brought me to tears.

Thank you!

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