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Shoot & Share Contest 2016

I’m in. All in. That means I’ve submitted 50 images into the Shoot & Share photo contest.

Last year I entered only a small handful and it was fun to be a part of a large photo community, filled with photographers all over the world. I had two of my photos last year make the top 20% and one made it as a finalist which means the top 10%. We’ll see what happens this year.


Shoot & Share is an online community of photographers who are focused on helping each other and supporting each other. It’s a great place to reach out for help or just to see what other photographers are up to in the world. The contest is “a way to bring the community together and share what they love.” (Shoot and Share website)

The contest has been opened for voting on 2/15 and I think we’re in round 4 by now. Each “round” moves the images with the most votes through to the next round and so on. Because the contest is anonymous, no one knows who’s photos are who’s so it isn’t a popularity contest. It’s just selecting your favorite photographs over and over until a winner is decided. This year I know I have at least one image still in because I saw it while voting. Voting goes on through 3/1 so if you feel like spending some time sitting in front of your computer looking at photographs, click HERE. But be warned, you can get lost for a long time clicking through images!



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