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She Said I Do…

When I met her she was young, single, ambitious. She came to our house and interviewed for the nanny position we needed at the time. Mason was not quite 4 and Miles was not quite 1. Miles hadn’t even taken his first steps. We knew right away she was the right fit for our family. Energetic, loving and playful. Our boys loved her. Still do.

All those years ago I can remember her telling me that she couldn’t wait to be a mom. She had always dreamed of it.  She took such wonderful care of my boys I know she’s going to be an incredible mother. And now, she’s still young and ambitions but today she became a wife and soon she will be a mom. I’m beyond thrilled for her. She deserves all that life has to offer. We love you Martyna and we love Pedro and I know we’re going to be over the moon in love with Liam.





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