Rediscovering my love for photography has opened new doors. One of which is actually shooting professionally. Through photographing at Mason’s school, some of the mom’s became interested in my photography. One even asked if I would photograph her daughter.

After some nail biting and biting of my lip I agree to the shoot. I’m so glad I did. The shoot began at their home in the front yard. Their house is a great color and with the green of the bushes and grass it was a perfect setting to get comfortable. I asked them to do a few things but I tried to just let the personality of the three of them shine through. Once I felt that I had taken enough in that spot, we took a short drive to a different location. What fun it was to take Salma and her parents to St. Vincent’s School for Boys, which is right across the freeway from our neighborhood, and photograph them there.

It was Salma’s 5th birthday party the very next day so I definitely had to shoot her holding up her 5 fingers. While walking on the grounds of the school, she found a feather. This was one of those moments that thrill me as a photographer. It was amazing to watch her with the feather. Her mom told me that she is drawn to them and when we made our way to the fountain, she began dipping the end of the feather in the water and drawing with it. I had to capture these moments.

After the shoot, I went home and picked through the hundreds of shots for my 30 top images. I put them together in a slideshow and uploaded for the family. They were able to play this slideshow at her birthday party the next day. It was so much fun to be there at the party and see my images received by the family and friends. One of the guests gave me such a wonderful compliment, they said that I had truly captured Salma in these photographs.

That made my heart sing.

Thank you Mattie and Scott and Salma. Thank you for trusting me and for being a support to the growth of my business! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


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