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Priyanka – From Maternity to Newborn

I think one of my favorite things to photograph is a woman with a baby in her belly. There is something so magical about it. Having two boys of my own, I know the awe and wonder of holding a life inside of you. Now, my boys are so big that I have trouble even thinking that they were ever that small…but they were. And I have to say, looking at those photos, the maternity photos of when they were each inside of me, is one of the most incredible things to do with them. My youngest will curl himself up in a ball and pretend to be that little again. It just melts my heart.

Enjoy these images of this sweet family. They live right around the corner from me and I’m so happy to have met them. I’ll love seeing their children grow and change. I love being able to see them year after year getting bigger and becoming more of who they already are.

New life brings new challenges and new joys….and to that I say life is a miracle.


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