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With everything going on, and there has been quite a lot, I keep neglecting to blog about some exciting and happy news!

I’m part of an organization called Ladies Who Launch (LWL). It’s a national group that is geared toward women who have either started a business, want to start a business or are thinking about it. There are local chapters of women who meet on a monthly basis although I’m not sure how much this varies between cities and locations.

My group was run out of Marin county and was wonderful. Karen Anderson was my “Incubator” leader. An incubator is a series of meetings where you get together with other women and your leader to formulate and direct your “project”. When I did my incubator a little over a year ago I was just in the launching phase of Forget Me Not Design. I was able to hear other women’s opinions and thoughts about my business. I wrote a press release and heard vision statements from the group of how far they could see my business develop. It was instrumental and incredibly valuable.

Other organizations and companies companies contact LWL for various reasons. Mommy Mastermind is one of those companies. They put a call out for women who were interested to be a part of their online magazine. I submitted an email with a description of myself and my business and they said they would be more than happy to have me be a contributer. Yay!

Here’s a link to the article. I started to write about book making, but they wanted the article to be more a DIY. As I started writing and researching online companies such as blurb and ibook I was completely stopped. I didn’t know anything about designing a book like that and was finding it difficult to put words to a page. My sister, brilliant as she can be, asked me what I could write about that I did know in a DIY format. What would I want to share with people to help them in some way in relationship to photography and images.

Here is the birth of that conversation between my sister and myself. I’ve received wonderful feedback from the friends, family and business partners that I’ve shared this with so I hope you enjoy it as well.

Picture Taking Made Easy!

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