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There’s something about a nest that I love. I even love the word nest. It makes me think of something warm and cozy. Something that is specifically made to nurture and care for something. I guess that’s what it is. The idea that something was made for the soul purpose of taking care of something else.

There have been a few businesses in the last few years that have either named themselves “Nest” or somehow incorporated the theme into their product. Matt even photographed a nest that  was the holder for the rings in a wedding a while back.

The inspiration for today comes from this word. Nest. Sharon Beals is a photographer and someone who is concerned about our environment. She has taken photographs of nests that have been collected over the past 200 years in hopes that her photography, as an art form will “gain appreciation for the builders, and inspire their protection”.

She’s come out with a book, “Nests: Fisty Nests and the Birds that Built Them”. I think it would be a great addition to anyone’s coffee table. Here are some of my favorite nests. Favorites for various reasons. Some because they look the way I imagine a nest to look, and others because they don’t.

Which one is your favorite?!

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