NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Treatment) Our Story – Part 1

Sometimes things show up in our lives more than once. Maybe we’re not ready to hear or experience it the first time. Maybe we just needed an introduction to whatever it is so that when it shows up again we have a point of reference to relate back to, to give it more weight or meaning or something. For me, this is totally true.

NAET is one of those things that showed up years ago, 13 years ago to be exact, and then reappeared when I was older and ready for it. The first time I heard about NAET I was in my mid-twenties and a terrible allergy sufferer. I was diagnosed by my western doctor as a “climactic cripple”. Basically this meant that anytime the weather shifted in a semi-dramatic way, my allergies went nuts. If it rained unexpectedly or we had a cold front move in or a fog bank rolled in too fast, I was a mess. Sneezing, itching, asthmatic. Typically I would be out for three days from something like this. Seriously. Three days in bed, taking medications, showers, resting, drinking tea, closed up in the house without opening the doors or windows unless totally necessary. It was as if I was a prisoner in my home when this happened. Miserable.


I met a woman back in 1997 who said she could change all of that. She was an NAET practitioner. She said that she could cure my allergies to dust, dust mites, cats, anything really. I was curious, interested and ready to sign up. I went to her home to be “cured”. I was tired of taking one Allegra D a day. That was the only thing I found that worked to control my allergies. I think, looking back, I was hoping she was just going to do something like wave a magic wand over my head and say, “poof, you’re cured.” It wasn’t like that. She did a series of muscle tests which at the time seemed really weird. She had me hold these little vials and pushed on my arm and then told me that I was allergic to a large number of whatever it was that she had checked me for. Then she told me that I needed to come back to see her 20 times or something that felt crazy, paying $60 each visit. The other kicker was, I couldn’t come in contact with whatever it was that I was “clearing” for 25 hours from the time of the treatment.

I know this is seeming foggy, not clear and hard to understand. That’s because for me, at that time, that’s exactly how it was. I think I did the first treatment, was sent home with a pair of white gloves and was told I couldn’t touch anything for 25 hours without wearing these gloves and that I couldn’t even drink water. Seriously?! How was I going to do this?! I didn’t.

I never went back. It seemed at that time I was more inclined to suffer from allergies than to participate in some weird form of medicine that was having me wear white gloves, not touch certain things and avoid even basic substances like water. Besides the fact that it was  going to cost me over a thousand dollars. Even if the end result was that I would be putting an end to the allergy suffering, I couldn’t go through with it. Looking back, I can’t believe I didn’t. I would have lived years of my life allergy free. Hindsight is so often 20/20.

Cut to 2010.

My allergies have subsided. No, not through NAET at this point but through, I believe, all of the emotional healing that I had done around my mother and our relationship over the years. I know that seems strange but I believe it’s true and not where I’m going with this story. Don’t ask me to go into details about that now, I promise I will another time, but let me get back to NAET and how it has changed our lives.

My son Mason, who is now 8, seemed to be a pretty normal baby. Normal for a first time mother which doesn’t really say much. I mean, I had nothing to compare things to, so for me, most things seemed normal. At least I hoped that was the case. Isn’t that what we as parents do? Hope that everything that happens with our children is normal?

Mason only slept for two – 30 minute naps a day which always seemed shorter than everyone else I knew but I really didn’t think much of it. He seemed to have loose stools most of the time, (Sorry for too much information for some of you but it’s the truth about the situation.), and the doctor didn’t seem worried about any of it.  We even did some tests to check for things because my mother’s intuition was telling me something was wrong. We checked for Celiac and I’m not sure what else but everything came back “normal”. He didn’t suffer from any sort of typical allergy so we just went along with our daily lives which seemed “normal” to us.

Deep in my gut I had the feeling that something wasn’t right but western medicine was telling me otherwise. Now, here’s where the story could digress into a whole other direction about wheat, gluten and food allergies but I’m not going to go down that road yet. I will say that I was a mother who looked at other mother’s of children with food allergies and would think to myself, “Thank GOD I’m not one of those parents.” I couldn’t imagine what life with a food allergy would be like. Hell is pretty much what I thought.

Well, at 6 years old something changed. Mason who would eat eggs all the time for breakfast started to say that his ear itched when he ate an egg. I thought, no. Can’t be. Really? I would try to figure out what else he could be having that reaction to. Something in the air was what it had to be. His suffering from allergies like I used to have seemed logical. His ear itching from eating an egg seemed illogical. But, it seemed to be true. Every time he ate an egg his ear would itch. Then it started moving to his throat. I stopped making him eggs in the morning but didn’t know what else to do.

I had a conversation with my sister-in-law who was “one of those mom’s”. Two of her kids had been diagnosed with Celiac. (I know, for those of you who have any clue about Celiac, you know that it’s hereditary and that the chance of my kids having a gluten allergy just went up about 100%. Like I said earlier, that’s another post) She told me that she had been seeing an NAET practitioner who was helping her with her kids allergies and sensitivities. It sounded familiar and as she explained the process I realized it was the same thing that I had been exposed to all of those years before. I immediately went online to the NAET  website to find a practitioner near me.

I must say that finding the right practitioner is more than important. It’s completely necessary to the possibility of healing. There are a lot of people out there who say and think they know what they’re doing, but they don’t. Finding someone who was not only a true NAET practitioner as well as someone who had attended every type of workshop that Dr. Nambudripad offered was who I was looking for. Luckily, she lived only a few towns away in Mill Valley, CA.

I brought Mason to see Farangis, the NAET practitioner and she did with him exactly what that other woman had done with me so many years before. She had him hold a series of vials, each filled with the essence of some substance like calcium, salt, vitamin A etc and then using applied kinesiology, muscle tested him for a weakness or “allergy” to those things. There were 24 “basics” that she tested for initially and Mason showed a weakness to nine of them.

The second of the nine was Egg Mix. This mix includes egg yolk, egg white, chicken, tetracycline and feathers. The actual treatment for the allergy or the bodies inability to correctly absorb the particular substance you show a weakness for is somewhat simple.  You wash your hands with soap and water and then just hold the vile with the essence of the allergen in one hand while laying on your stomach. The practitioner, using acupressure, moves down your back in a particular place while you breath in different ways. Either holding your breath or releasing your breath etc. Once this protocol is followed you can get up and move around while holding the vial for an additional ten minutes. After that, you rinse your hands with water only and avoid the substance or substances for a period of time. For children it is typically eight hours but could be more or less depending on what your body communicates via kinesiology.

I know I’ve lost some of you here. I probably would be lost myself except that I’m so familiar with the process now it’s almost like breathing. If you’re still with me, great, if not and you want more clarification, just email me and I would be more than happy to share what I can.

But, back to the story. Mason went through the treatment, avoided the egg mix for eight hours and then four days later we went back to see Farangis. She re-tested him and said that he had cleared the ‘egg mix’ but wanted to wait to test the egg allergy by having him eat an egg until he had cleared ‘animal fat’. That was the ninth basic to which he tested allergic. I could understand her reasoning but I was anxious to see if this was working. I wanted some sort of tangible result that the money I was spending was actually doing something. You see, there are no visible results, at least none that I saw, to say that any difference had been made when he cleared the other things like calcium mix or Vitamin C mix or vegetable fat. I wanted results but knew that I needed to be patient.

We went through all nine treatments and then the big day was arriving. Mason was going to eat an egg. We were all very anxious and excited and nervous. What were the results going to be. Well, I can happily report that Mason ate that first egg and every egg since, which are too many to count, and hasn’t had any itching in either his ear or his throat. His egg allergy is GONE.

I can honestly say that this was life changing. So much so that Matt, Miles and myself have all gone through the basics and then some. Farangis wound up teaching me how to clear my family at home for allergens we encountered in the future and I swear a week doesn’t go by that we’re not clearing somebody  for something. I know it seems crazy. I admit it, it seems totally bizarre. But, it works! I swear it does.

In fact, just the other night Matt and I were sitting on the couch together and both of us were constantly clearing our throats. We had a “cough” that seemed like an allergic reaction to something. Mason had been doing this same thing all week and it needed to stop. I muscle tested Matt to figure out what was bothering our throats and through a series of questions like “is it a plant?”, or “is it on our property?”, etc. we found that it was possibly from a tree across the street in our neighbors yard. Here’s where I shake my head and know that a lot of people probably think I’m totally nuts and laugh but, Matt and I got up and went across the street at 10:00 at night to collect a sample of “the tree”. It turned out to be two trees that are lining the sidewalk almost directly across the street from us. We brought the sample home, checked and sure enough we were both weak to the tree when muscle tested. We treated each other that night and I treated Mason the next day and you know what?! After 25 hours the coughing stopped. I can’t argue with that type of reality. I just can’t.

If you’re an allergy sufferer and you’ve been told by western medicine that there is no way to change that diagnosis, that you need to be on some sort of allergy medication for the rest of your life, or if you’ve been told that the only way to deal with your egg or shellfish allergy is to avoid it for the rest of your life, I’m here to tell you that there may be a solution. I know that NAET isn’t the end all – cure-all  answer to everything, but I’ve read her book, Say Goodbye To Illness and I’ve experienced numerous examples with myself and my family that NAET works. It truly does.

I’m sure I’ll write more about it, share more stories about how the process actually works or about other allergies that we clear, but I hope that this at least gives some of you an understanding about the possibility of helping to heal your body. Believe. Anything is possible.


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