Nadine and Kunal

I met Nadine through my BNI networking group. She is a young, energetic chiropractor who always has a smile on her face and is genuinely kind and concerned for the well-being of others. She always expressed an interest in my photography and when she became engaged to Kunal, she told me I had to shoot her wedding!

She wound up leaving our BNI chapter before she was married but she kept true to her word and hired me to capture her wedding day. The event was a 20’s style theme wedding held at the Elk’s Lodge in San Rafael. It’s a wonderful location that lent itself perfectly to their celebration.

And what was super fun was they had two food trucks for the reception. A wood fired pizza truck and a taco truck. I even went inside the pizza truck to get some fun photos of the guys making the pizzas. I wish I had tried the taco’s. They looked amazing!

I must say, I just love weddings and I always feel privileged  to witness two individuals coming together. Especially when they are both kind, loving and wonderful people. Kunal is such a great match for Nadine and being present at their ceremony was a gift. They spoke beautiful words of love and understanding to one other with their vows. They committed their lives to one another and their families had nothing but glowing words to say about each of them as individuals and together.

Nadine and Kunal, I wish you lifetimes of happiness. You both deserve all the world has to offer. Congratulations on becoming Mr. & Mrs..

Here is a snippet of their day and if you’re feeling like seeing a bit more, you can click on the link to the sideshow.


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