My Love

Today is a celebration of your birth, your life, your contribution to both humanity and to this planet. This marks another year that has passed and the beginning of another set of 365 days for you to dream and achieve and grow.

Your love is larger than I ever imagined and it envelops me every morning that I wake up next to you and every night that I fall asleep by your side.

Having spent these years with you has changed me in so many ways. It has changed me in the best of ways. I have become more loving and more tender. More kind and more forgiving. Because of you.

I appreciate your patience and humor, your athleticism and your creativity. Your ability to be silly will never cease to amaze me and I can always count on you to be straight with your feelings. There is this wonderful mixture of simpleness and complexity with you.

I am the luckiest girl in the world that you chose me to be the one to make a life with.

Happy birthday my love.

I’m so looking forward to a nice gluten-free dinner with you tonight!!!


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