My Life In iPhone

Most people out there who have a phone use it for multiple purposes. there are the diehards out there that use a phone strictly as a phone, but with all of the “extras” that are now part of a phone, why not use them! The camera is probably my favorite addition. I love knowing that if I have my phone with me, which is pretty much a given, I have a camera. I no longer need an extra point and shoot that I have to dig around in my bag to find. Whew! Anyone who knows me knows that my ‘bag’ is more like a BAG. My mother used to say that I was like Marry Poppins and wouldn’t have been surprised if I pulled out the kitchen sink.

Well, I thought that I would pull together my favorite iPhone shots that I’ve taken over the past chunk of months. I may have to pull one or two out for their own post to do them justice and allow you to see them larger.

Here they are…my life in iPhone:

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