Miles Turned 3!

You’re laying here at my feet. You’re sucking your thumb. You’re smiling and giggling and saying “mama, mama”. It’s kind of muffled because you’re talking through your thumb and your Me which is wrapped all around you. This is the full size baby blue blanket that I had bought with different intentions. You had a small blanket that you wanted to take with you everywhere. We went to Oakland one day and on the way back to Marin, I realized I had left it at the store. We drove all the way back and luckily it was still there, waiting behind the counter because a nice person had picked it up. I vowed never to have that happen again so I bought a full size version to keep in your crib. That way if we ever lost the little one, you would always be able to go to sleep.

That blanket made it out of the crib one day. I think it was just supposed to come down stairs so you could have it while sitting on the couch. From that moment on, the “Little Me” just wouldn’t do. The “Big Me” now goes everywhere with us. On long car trips, in the stroller and on the airplane. I can’t imagine what we look like to normal people as we carry this HUGE blanket with us wherever we go. But we love you and it makes you happy so we endure the strange stares and awkward glances and we do try to wash it whenever we can since it’s inevitably dragged across lawns and on street corners as we get in and out of the car.

You turned three on Sunday. The 17th of January. 3! It’s such a strange passing of time. Someone the other day said that time passes slowly when you have your attention focused on something in particular but that it passes quickly when you don’t. With all that goes on every day around here time just races past me like the cars on your Hot Wheels track that just keep zooming by. I looked down and you were nursing tucked all up in the sling. With me every moment of the day. I looked up and you’re running off to go potty all by yourself.

You love to hide. It’s your new favorite thing to do. You hide every night that daddy comes home. You’ll just plop right down in the middle of the floor and have me wrap your Me around you. It’s the BEST hiding spot. 😉 If you’re not under your Me you’re behind the armoire in the great room or under the covers of our bed. Those are pretty much the favorites. What I love most about “where’s Miles?” is that it washes the memories of my childhood all over me. I used to hide every night when my daddy came home. It was our ritual too. It’s weird and wonderful that you, on your own, do the same thing.

You love to jump and roll and tumble. You’re taking gymnastics and loving it. You’re great at listening and following directions and you’re amazing on the trampoline! Your grandfather was great on the rings and the pommel horse. I wonder if you’ll take after him.

You have a quirky and funny sense of humor that even at 3, really even at 2 makes us laugh so hard. Some people just have it and YOU have it!

You’ve been to the hospital three times. The last trip was because you cracked your head open on the bookcase. You jumped on to the beanbag and just slammed your forehead on the edge of the shelf. You still tell people about it. That you cracked it open. You’re a bit fascinated by the whole thing and as much as I’m trying to minimize that scar, you may just have it forever.

I look at you sometimes and I see me as a little person in the world. Your body is the same as mine was when I was little and your eyes when you smile look just like mine. You tell me you love me. You tell me you love me as high as the moon and all the way back down. Your eyes sparkle when you smile and when I look at you my insides sparkle too.

Your “booty dance” is by FAR the best entertainment I’ve seen yet. I can’t even tell you how much I love it. It isn’t just how you shake your bottom or how you stick it out SO far but it’s the arms! How you lift those elbows and squat your little self down and wiggle all at the same time. It. Is. The. Best!

We went to a play space for your birthday because when we asked what you wanted to do you said you wanted to jump in a pool of balls. Balls have been and continue to be your favorite thing. I loved that when we asked you who you wanted to invite, Mason, daddy and mommy were on the list.

Happy Birthday my little one. My little Miles who is growing up so fast. I love that I can still hold you in my arms. That I can still kiss you all over your face and neck and that it makes you giggle. I love that you can tell me what you’re thinking and that I get a glimpse into what your mind is processing and that I can explore and share and learn with you.

Happy Birthday to you!

I love you to the moon and all the way down and all the way back…again.

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