September-Days is off and running!

I know that being in front of the camera can be challenging. I’ve run the course from always wanting my picture taken because I didn’t seem to take a bad photo to needing plenty of “prep” time because I want to look my best. Age is challenging at times. The dark circles and bags and wrinkles that are creeping in make me camera shy to say the least. I do know that embracing these new additions to myself is the only way to go. Looking at the beauty that is me, lines and wrinkles and all can be tough but totally necessary.

This is how I coach the people I’m photographing. To relax and just be themselves. When your true nature shines through and you’re enjoying yourself beauty shows up. It’s funny, one common comment I hear from people is “why are we so hard on ourselves?”. I don’t have the answer but I get it. Moving through that uncomfortable feeling is what I hope to do when photographing someone. I want to show them how beautiful they are. Their smile, their vulnerability, their true self.

I photographed Michelle this past weekend. We spent some time talking, breathing and taking pictures. She, like a lot of the people I photograph was a bit camera shy. But, she was willing. Willing to go there, to expose herself to me. I had asked her to bring along some props or things that were inspiring to her. She brought her guitar which she’s been playing for about a year now. It was inspiring to hear her play.

At the end of the shoot her son came for some family portraits. She brought along his bongos and together they played and laughed and I took pictures. I definitely had too much fun to call it work.

Thank you Michelle for being open and willing. For asking me to photograph you. You’re absolutely beautiful!


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September-Days Is Born!

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