Love Is All You Need

I want to share one of the latest projects I was a part of. Paul, Matt’s brother is getting married and for their “Save the Date” cards they chose to have magnets made. I absolutely love this idea, I use magnets whenever possible and was thrilled to be asked for help. Both Olivia, Paul’s cousin and myself contributed our ideas and graphic skills to the creation of this beautiful magnet.

The background of the magnet is a painting that Olivia had done. The textures are so beautiful and I love the different effects of each section. The artwork that is placed is a photograph of a piece of art Paul and Liz bought as a Christmas present for themselves and has become the inspiration and theme of their wedding. I placed that photograph and tweaked the color of the painting just a bit to match her color theme and voilå, there you have their beautiful magnet.

What’s even more fun is that I received an email from New and Blue, the company that made the magnets asking permission to blog our design! Absolutely, of course, yay!!

I’m not sure when the blog will post but I’ll be sure to add a link when it does. For now, here’s a look at the “Save The Date”!

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