Life Just Keeps Moving

I am struck today at how life just keeps moving. It’s a constant cycle and we are all on the people mover. I am now in my 50’s, my hair is gray, my children are young adults. New families are moving in the neighborhood with small children, just like we did all those years ago. They are moving on the same electric walkway just at a different stage of life.

That’s where perspective comes in and when you’re younger, you generally have no idea what that means. You’re so immersed in the experience and either filled with wonder or confusion as to how to navigate everything coming at you that you can’t comprehend there are other people who have been through this before who can help you along the way.

Now of course there are the people who are wise beyond their years who do understand this and ask for help. But, the majority of us are just wandering along until we, hopefully become older, and understand just what perspective can give us.

My father was a kind human who often thought of others before himself. He was smart and funny. He had a slight devious side that not many people got to see. His nickname when he was younger was “Lucky”. He was a gambler. I didn’t truly know that until after he died and had gambled away a lot of their money leaving my mom without the security she expected. He played the commodities and stock market and didn’t do so well in the end. That, to me, was his only flaw. I’m sure he had others but to me he was amazing and loving and my soft place to land in my home.

When I was older and met Matt my father had already died so they never got to meet. Matt’s father was again, a soft place to land. He was funny and kind and like my own dad, often thought of others before himself. I was incredibly blessed to experience two of the kindest men to call dad in this lifetime.

And now, my husband and father to our two boys, has grown to be like them. Kind, thoughtful, compassionate, silly, and overall wonderful. Sure there are moments of upset and challenges but the man I married is always looking to be the best version of himself. I have so much love and respect for him. His number one goal in this life we’ve created has been to love our family. He chose to be present for our kids, hardly ever missing a game or recital at school when they were young. He apologized when he was wrong teaching them to show humility and grace and admit to their faults. He has taught them that our home is taken care of by all of us and that when we share the responsibilities of things it makes them easier to handle. He encourages them to be brave.

This Father’s Day I spent some time reflecting on how blessed I have been to experience such amazing men in my life. Men who have loved me and encouraged me and lifted me up in all situations. Blessed is an understatement. I am excited to continue to see how my boys grow and hopefully, God willing, I’ll get to see them become incredible fathers to their own children someday.

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