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I was contacted not too long ago by the husband of a couple. I typically work with  brides, so this was a nice treat to work with the groom. They found me through a referral from another album company in NY. One that I’ve adored for years. Mac & Cheese Design. I mean, who wouldn’t love a company with a name like that.

Anyway, he was looking to make a wedding album  and I was more than happy to help. When first talking about the details of an album, I always inquire with my clients if they have vows or logo’s to include in the book. If done right, it adds such a personal touch. They had both a logo and some text which I was excited about because I love adding those special elements.

Here are some snapshots of both the layout/design and the final album. Enjoy!

One thing that I find fun to do when designing an album  is to use a photograph of the invitation or program as the opening page of the book. I know it’s great to open a book and see the bride and groom first but sometimes, it’s fun to start the book at the beginning. An introduction of sorts.

I used their logo twice in the book. Once at the bottom of the page with the reading. It was such a beautiful illustration. Simple but it had a great texture to the design and I just loved the copper color.

Here’s how it looked in print.

Then I used it again to fill some white space on the page. I like to use the center of a spread for big, bold photographs or illustrations. It’s a great way to separate two images that you want to highlight.
The other thing to remember when designing an album is to try to have at least one if not more, double page spreads. You need to breath from time to time when looking through an album. Page after page filled with image upon image can be overwhelming. It’s nice every once in a while to see one image, nice and big.
Ending an album can be challenging too. You’ve flowed the images through the story of the day and then, how to wrap it up. A walking away picture is an option that I like to use from time to time. If there isn’t a perfect end of the night event, this is a great option. It lets you feel like you’re watching this new couple begin their walk of life together, and how sweet is that?
Jesse, you were wonderful to work with and I wish you and Lotus all the best in the years to come.Warmly,

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