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Jason and Andrea

Matt’s co-worker Jason, proposed to his girlfriend Andrea not too long ago, and to his delight, she said yes! Well, actually after getting the story on Sunday, she said yes before he even asked the question! Don’t you just love that? If you’re engaged or married, can you remember what that moment was like? The moment that you knew THE question was coming? So much excitement and anticipation and emotion all bursting from inside? I can remember that moment, and when I do, I get a huge smile on my face.

Jason and Andrea talked to Matt recently about organizing an engagement photo session. The original plan was to have both Matt and I photograph them. It was going to be at a few different locations and Mason and Miles were possibly going to come along. Plans changed when we found out that Miles came down with pneumonia at the end of last week. He’s doing much better now, but taking him out on a photography adventure on Sunday, wasn’t going to happen. That left the job up to one of us and since the boys don’t see much of Matt during the week, we figured I was the better choice this time around.

I have to be honest and say that I was nervous. Really nervous. Jason is a photographer too and whenever I photograph another photographer, I get nervous. Not only do I have to live up to my standards of taking a great image, but I have to live up to theirs as well. Not to mention that Jason and Andrea were photographed two years ago at the Discovery Workshop that was held at Cavallo Point and loved the images they came away with. They wanted to go back to Cavallo Point to bring being photographed together there full circle which was awesome, but again, a little pressure.

We spoke earlier in the day on Sunday and decided to start off in downtown Sausalito, meeting along Bridgeway and going to Lappert’s Ice Cream Shop. They bought a sundae, sat down at an outdoor table and just had fun. Then, we walked down the road, photographing along the way, until we felt like we were ready to head to the next location. Sausalito was such a great place for an engagement shoot. There were cool little inlets of doorways and ivy strewn fences, plenty of places to duck into and use as a backdrop. After we felt like we were through being downtown, we headed to Cavallo Point and if you’ve never been, it’s just beautiful. The grass that grows in front of the homes and buildings is so green and amazing. It’s long and forms these swirls, one on top of another. The buildings and homes are just gorgeous and their porches make for excellent backdrops.

We casually wandered around the property, photographing along the way. I think they were reminiscing a bit about being there two years ago, just having started dating and now, here they were, engaged. We had a great time walking around and taking pictures.  We had the cutest dog join in for a bit. His name was Frank and he just ran right into the scene. Funny enough, Andrea said it was exactly the type of dog she wants to get. I think it was a sign. 😉

I’m so happy with how the images turned out and Jason and Andrea are thrilled, (huge sigh of relief!) and I have to say, the two of them are just awesome people. I’m so looking forward to getting to know them both better. They’re a couple that when you think of hanging out with them, the first thought that comes to mind is “fun”. They’re people who laugh and smile and enjoy themselves. Just the kind of people I love to be around.

Jason and Andrea, congratulations on your engagement. It was a complete pleasure to photograph the two of you. You both made my job easy with your fun loving attitude and warm hearts. I can’t wait for the wedding!!

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