Ireland Arrived

I posted a few weeks ago about the prints we received for the Ireland Album I designed with GB Photographers images. The prints themselves were amazing and HUGE and I couldn’t wait to see the book. Well, it came and met every expectation!

I have to say that I absolutely love Leather Craftsmen. It’s so easy to work with them and their books are simply elegant and show stopping. I know that when the album comes and my clients hold it in their hands they are going to be holding a piece of art. Not only is the quality of the binding exquisite but the print quality is wonderful and the sheer weight of the books always brings a wide eyed uncontrollable “wow!”.

Matt had blogged about the album on the GB blog but I wanted to show it as well and make sure to have some images that allowed you to see the size of this book. AMAZING! is all I can say. When I opened it up and took a look at the panoramic spreads in the album my smile was broad but no where near as big as those prints. When I have the joy of designing a large album I get almost giddy. I think these photo’s will show exactly why.

I’ll be shipping this off to my clients in Ireland and can’t wait to for them to have it in their hands!

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